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The Church of Neville

Worship St. Matthew

For the love and lust of Neville Longbottom
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This community is for anyone who lusts after and loves the character Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter book series. As we all know from the books Neville is a late bloomer and can be quite shy, however his Gryffindor side is starting to show more and more as he gets better at the DA. He is physically starting to blossom as well and growing more handsome by the minute..in fact by the time GoF comes out..well damn..there will be no restraint. So lust away..you know you want to!

There is only one rule..and that is be curtious..if you cant handle the complexity of that...then this community isnt for you.

Feel free to post any fan fic, slash, pics, drawings, whatever as long as it is Neville/Matthew Lewis related.